Our Beginnings

As others in our breed, I had grown up showing horses and competing in many different aspects of the sport.   I later owned a Doberman that I trained and showed briefly in obedience.    All of this was put on hold with the arrival of my kids.  

Ryan my oldest was born with Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair.  When he was just 7 years old he was accepted into a Service Dog Program and given a wonderful companion and friend,  Paige, a Yellow Lab.   This was a blessing, but also a problem for Aimee, who was then 4 years old,  she couldn't play or work with Paige.  Thus,  our first Whippet Hailey.   That was 13 years ago.  While Hailey was just a pet, she introduced us into the world of whippets and through that into dog shows.    Hailey was not of AKC show quality, she helped Aimee garner many awards in 4-H and introduced Aimee to the world of Dog Shows.

Together Aimee and I have been lucky to have a few close friends in our breed help mentor and share knowledge of pedigrees and ideas.  

We are a small hobby kennel, dedicated to our dogs, and breeding what we feel lured us into this breed, the beautiful curvy type and soundness in body and mind

Enjoy the photos on the following pages.

Kathy and Aimee Rasmussen